Wipe Away The Glastonbury Blues With A Hog Roast Accrington Festival!

Hog Roast AccringtonFeeling the Glastonbury blues? Having to head back to work after enjoying such an incredible weekend filled with plenty of music and partying? Then perhaps you need to wipe away your festival blues by simply getting on with another festival: your very own complete with immense catered dining from Hog Roast Accrington! Sound impossible or too eccentric to be running your own festival? Well for our customer of last weekend it certainly wasn’t as local Glastonbury lover Daniel came to the team at Hog Roast Accrington with a request for catering to his very own mini festival.

It of course wasn’t quite at the scale or reputation of Glastonbury, and there was unfortunately no Elton John to rocket out the tunes for the very last time, but Daniel’s mini festival was just as enjoyable as he brought in all of his friends and family, a local DJ and a few of his pal’s bands to put on a show for the afternoon. Of course any catering worth its salt also needs good foods, and it doesn’t get much better than Hog Roast Accrington providing fresh hog roast and barbecue dining to your festival (something Glastonbury could actually still do with. We’re always waiting by the phone Glastonbury!).

Hog Roast AccringtonDaniel held the festival out of his own back garden with a small haphazardly set up stage for the bands, an area to dance in the middle, and a marquee tent off to the side where our Hog Roast Accrington would be able to cook and serve fresh roasts all day from. Our team showed up early as Daniel was getting all of the sound checks carried out and we got to cooking. The menu for the day was our hog roast to be cooked and shredded fresh for a delicious pulled pork filling in rolls and wraps, and our gourmet BBQ range which meant grilled gourmet sausages, beef burgers, cajun chicken kebabs, seasoned chicken kebabs, meaty spare ribs, halloumi and veg skewers, and vegetable skewers.

It was just the tonic for a day of brilliant music, singing and dancing, and guests didn’t even have to pay festival prices for their food either!