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Lancashire is a great county in which to live and is blessed with a real diversity in both landscape and architecture. You could be lost in the rolling green hills one day and walking around a busy city the next before taking a stroll on a sandy beach by the sea! Lancashire really has a little bit of everything, Base yourself in Standish and you are never far away from any of this. Standish may not be one of the region’s better known names but it is a lovely place with a rich history.

Standish may not be well known for its nightlife but the people here do like to celebrate special occasions just as much as anyone else and that’s why hog roast has certainly made an impact in this corner of the region. But why is hog roast so popular these days? Well, it used to be very popular some centuries ago, back in Medieval times! Indeed, spit roasted pig was hot property in those days and was probably the closest that there was to a catering favourite. You can imagine that it would have looked a quite wonderful sight with the whole pig cooking away on the big spit over a big open fire.

Sadly, spit roasts in that manner are not really feasible these days thanks to the health and safety rules which govern such things, but that does not mean that hog cannot be roasted. Why do you think hog roast hire is so important in Standish? The success of roasted pig means that a whole new legion of caterers has developed to bring these great tastes to Standish and all other parts of the United Kingdom. It’s all great news for food lovers and it means busy times for hog roast hire caterers, who are getting busier every month.

So why is roasted pig should a big hit with the event organisers of Standish? Surely it cannot be that much different to the many other catering solutions that are out there? Well, how wrong you would be. You simple cannot compare pig roast to anything else as it really is something uniquely wonderful and with a taste all of its own. Not surprising because pig roast is something of a masterclass in careful, patient and simple cooking. In fact I challenge anyone to name me a catering solution that matches anything like the amount of effort that goes into a pig roast. And what effort! I was not aware just what goes into each pig roast until recently.

I remember when I first experienced a Hog Roast Standish event that I thought the caterer simply turned up cooked the pig and there it was, but there is so much more to it than that. I was not aware that each pig is very carefully selected and that it takes around six hours for a standard size pig to cook thoroughly, and even the amount of fat on the pig is crucial as it not only creates the perfect level of crackling but also stops the meat from drying out, which would happen easily without it.

Pig roast does look quite superb though and it really is a great way to welcome guests. Just imagine how surprised and delighted people would be if you could welcome them with a huge and beautifully roasted pig at your event? The smells alone would be something but the sight of a whole pig really is quite special and harks back to Medieval times in its splendour. Of course all this makes pig roasts a very popular option for many different sorts of events in Standish. In fact it is quite amazing how many events pig roast is actually suitable for. The first event I sampled hog at in Standish was at a Christening.

The meat was served on rolls which the caterer called ‘pig in a bun’ and it has to be said that I was a little apprehensive, thinking that they may taste pretty grim, but I was very wrong. It was the most delicious roll I had ever had. The meat was so tasty and it was complemented brilliantly by the sauce and crackling. It really was a meal in one hand and everyone thought it was great. Christenings, birthdays, charity functions, sports awards, weddings…I have since it at all of them, and a very welcome sight it was too. Who would ever want a boring old catering solution again when pig roast is so very tasty!