Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Why is a hog roast better than other forms of Catering?

There are many reasons for this, however the main one is that the meat tastes better, is always more fresh and can wow your guests like no other form of catering.

2 – How long does it take to cook a Pig – Is it pre-cooked beforehand?

It normally takes around 6 hours for us to expertly flame-roast your hog from its raw state in front of you. We can pre-cook to save venue time if you ask for this, however

3 – Can we have our hog roast anywhere, or does the venue need to have certain facilities?

We are proud of our ability to cook, serve and clear away at any venue you choose. By using our own machines and talented chefs, we ensure that this is always available to our customers.

4 – Does it cost anything to get a quote?

Absolutely not. By filling in our online form or giving us a call, we will happily email you through a fully comprehensive quote for your chosen event

5 – Do you cater for Vegetarians – Or is it strictly meat-eaters only?

We do cater for Vegetarians – and with some style too. Due to being fully qualified as chefs, we can (and do) concoct some of the most glorious Vegetarian dishes alongside the hog roast.

6 – Do we need to clean up after you, or does Spitting Pig Northwest do this also?

Our commitment to offering our client a complete service includes clearing up all trace of our services. This leaves you to get on with your event and have a good time.

7 – It sounds expensive. How do your prices compare with more standard forms of catering?

We are much cheaper. Although the quality of food is immense, the fact that we use whole meats cuts our costs drastically – saving you money whilst adding to your enjoyment.

8 – Is there a limit to the number of people you can serve?

No. Due to roasting whole meats and with great ease, we can cater for over a thousand people with absolute ease. No limits

9 – Are your Hog Roast Machines easy to use when hired for the weekend?

Absolutely. We wouldn’t offer this service otherwise. Decades of improvements and design updates mean that our current machines are unbelievably easy to use.

10 – When we Hire a machine, can we purchase a pig also?

Of course. Our technician will drop the machine off at your premises and help you place the pig in the machine. After that, just switch on and sit back!

11 – Why is a hog roast better than other forms of Catering?

How long have you got to hear the answers to this question? You need to think about what exactly it is you want from catering before you book anyone to come in and do it for you. After all, this is a special event or function that you have decided to take time to organise, so it is worthwhile doing the job properly, we think.

Catering is a curious thing. Over the years, there has been some pretty poor excuses for catering at special occasions, in fact it is safe to say that we have all been invited to a party or event where the catering has been anything but special in the slightest. Have you been to a party where there is plate after plate of uninspiring sandwiches, lifeless salads and cold chicken drumsticks? I think we have all been there and it is such a let down, especially if you have been looking forward to enjoying some great tasting food. Of course, not all catering is like this and there is some really good catering out there to be enjoyed, but we believe that there is absolutely nothing that can compare to the great taste and overall spectacle of a magnificent hog roast in all its splendour.

The first thing that is better about hog roast than other catering is the sheer wonderful visual appeal of a hog roast. There is simply nothing available in the world of catering that can compete with the beautiful sight of a whole hog roast in full swing. What better way to greet your guests than to have a hog roast chef tending to a brilliant roasting pig. That sight immediately tells your guests that you have made every effort to ensure that they have a splendid time. It shows that you care about them in ways that a plate of sad looking sandwiches cannot!

Then you have the incredible aroma that you only get with hog roast. These aromas are like a mixture of every great roast dinner you have ever enjoyed, culminating in the mouthwatering aromas that is a hog roast. There is something special about filling your venue with great cooking aromas. It fills the air with a taste of what is to come and creates a sense of anticipation as your guests what is sure to be a quite magnificent meal.

If catering for a corporate event then hog roast simply cannot be beaten. These are events where you want to make a statement and impress people, not disappoint and underwhelm them. Hog roast served as a gourmet meal is quite the most splendid way to do just that and your special guests will be totally delighted. But arguably the most important reason why hog roast is the best catering option is because it is fresh cooking at its best. Quality fresh, local meat that has been lovingly cooked for six hours, steeped in flavour and professionally cooked. How can you possibly beat that for quality catering?

12 – How long does it take to cook a Pig – Is it pre-cooked beforehand?

Cooking a pig is not something for the impatient chef or the eager diner. For a very short and succinct answer to the question, the answer is ‘a while’. For the full facts on why that is the case, read on.

A whole pig is a mighty big piece of meat. That’s why it looks so impressive when you see a pig spit roasting away. It really is an in your face feast that makes a lasting impression on all those that see it first hand. And just like any other sizable piece of meat, it takes time to cook it to perfection. But, whilst size does matter, the taste is of course the most important factor of all when it comes to the cooking and this is another reason why you can expect a standard sized pig to take about six hours to cook. The reason is slow roasting. It’s what gives hog roast meat that incredible, succulent flavour and why it really is an unbeatable choice for any occasion. The hog roast chef will make sure that the meat they choose is not only the right size for the number of likely diners but also possesses the perfect amount of fat. This fat plays a key role because it acts a little like a protective barrier, stopping the meat from drying out during the six hours cooking time, as well as adding flavour to the meat. The slow cooking also allows the bones to release incredible flavours which are soaked up by the meat resulting in a quite awesome taste.

The slow cooking really makes a difference not just to the taste but to the texture of the meat, with every mouthful a totally silky smooth experience rather than the tough meat many people assume hog roast will provide. And of course, slow roasting means sublime crackling. There is no crackling quite like that from a hog roast.

As for being cooked beforehand, at lot of this is down to the venue and the person booking the catering. There are some very good reasons why you may want the hog roast to be precooked, the obvious one being that it takes so long to cook and should the chef to start it at the beginning of an event, it would simply not be ready in time. For this reason, pre cooking it beforehand is a very sound decision. It does not make any difference to the quality of the meat; you will still be enjoying an expertly cooked pig that tastes amazing. Don’t forget that each pig used is a quality locally sourced pig so you are eating only the best meat.

If not precooked, the chef will usually start cooking the pig in advance of the party, so that when people arrive, the pig is nearing completion and the guests can still enjoy seeing the cooking taking place. Whatever happens, you will be delighted with the taste!

13. Can we have our hog roast anywhere, or does the venue need to have certain facilities?

One of the many problems you get at some venues is the absence of any great cooking facilities. This is not a problem in most hotels of course but then again, many venues for events and functions are not in hotels. We have heard of hog roast being served up school fields, assembly halls, churches, scout huts, car parks, back gardens…you name it, hog roast has been there! This is one of the best features of a hog roast because it is so very versatile, it can pretty much cooked anywhere you want it. The hog roast machines are certainly tough enough to cope with some of the less luxurious locations around because they are built with such circumstances in mind. Have a good look at a hog roast machine and you will soon see that each one is built to take some punishment. Those chunky wheels can easily cope with a journey across a car park and the solid stainless steel body can take the odd bump and bash in its stride. In fact you could say that the rougher the location, the better suited the machine is!

One aspect of hog roast that does need certain facilities is spit roasting, because the motor that rotates the meat is electrically powered, however there is a way around this. Some hog roast machines are fitted with a remote car battery powered option which makes remote spit roasting a walk in the park.

There really is no limit to where you can enjoy a hog roast and this could go some way to explaining why hog roast is becoming so popular. Okay, so if you were looking to have a gourmet hog roast dinner served then this could be a little impractical if done outdoors, but in a marquee setting with favourable weather, it would be quite splendid. But what about the many other possibilities this ‘go anywhere feast’ opens up? Hog roast could make a brilliant addition to an outdoor concert or festival. You will often see hog roast served at music festivals, so why not at your outdoor choir or school recital? Football or athletics festivals can often need catering to keep the spectators and participants fuelled up, so hog roast rolls can really play a key part there. And of course the summer garden party is a big favourite for many, even when the British weather tries its best to spoil matters. A hog roast really can prove to be the secret weapon that delights your guests with some of the best tasting meat around. It really is a great way to serve up top quality fresh roasted pig almost anywhere, or with one of the great accessories, you could be serving up burgers, chicken, sausages, kebabs…you name it. No facilities? It is not a problem when it comes to a hog roast caterer!