Hog Roast Samlesbury – Dreaming of Summer Barbecues? Why Wait For What You Could Have Now!

It’s March, which of course means it is wet and rainy out with the odd day of teasing sunshine before returning back to the cold and grey. Already you might be dreaming ahead to the warmer summer months where you can get on outside and enjoy sizzling barbecue with friends. It seems so far off yet still amongst the endless days of falling rain, however, so what if you could bring that sizzling summer right to your door today instead?

Hog Roast SamlesburyHog Roast Samlesbury provides year-round catering for events in Samlesbury. Our speciality in roast dining is perfect for these cold and wetter days when you just want to wrap up somewhere warm and dine on some comforting foods, like a roast, a pie, or a hearty soup. But we love summer just as much as anyone else, so much so that we have our gourmet barbecue menu available all year round? Yes, that’s right, you can get sizzling with our super sausages and homemade burgers right now. All you need to do is ask

The reason this is possible, even with the colder weather, is because of the way we cook. Our main equipment of choice is the mobile hog roaster which can easily be set up indoors or outdoors. Now you may be thinking, “what use is a roaster when I want a barbecue?”, and that comes answered too since our roasters are all adaptable for other cooking styles. Hog Roast Samlesbury can grill like the best of them on our hog master machine, allowing us to get your sizzling summer started right now, even with the weather as it is. We’ll simply throw up a serving tent and get to cooking, or set up indoors and give you the same barbecue menu chalk full of all your summer favourites in our own gourmet style. Enjoy our marinated ribs, chicken skewers, veg kebabs, pulled pork rolls, homemade burgers and sausages, and so much more from our barbecue range.

Why dream for what you can get right now, only with Hog Roast Samlesbury! Just call today and we’ll be there at your event soon!