Hog Roast Formby Made This 10th Birthday A Magical Experience!

Hog Roast Formby’s catering super pair, Sophie and Jordan, were out in the field again on Saturday, this time for a highly-anticipated birthday celebration at the aquarium!

Ocean-obsessed Erin was turning 10, and in honour of her special day, her mum, Courtney, had organised for her to celebrate the occasion at the marine museum with 20 friends from her school and extra-curricular clubs. The birthday girl and her friends had been looking forward to the party for weeks, but Courtney, on the other hand, had been feeling anxious about feeding a group of children who are notorious for their fussy eating habits.

Luckily, that anxiety melted away as soon as she discovered Hog Roast Formby. In hardly any time at all, Sophie and Jordan had her feeling completely at ease, and after assuring her that children love our menus just as much as adults do, Courtney happily entrusted us with the event.

With Sophie and Jordan there to guide her through every step of the booking process, Courtney felt confident and assured that her daughter’s birthday party was in capable hands, and after discussing menu options with our team in further detail, she eventually opted for our Gourmet BBQ Menu, with some extra kid-friendly options.

Hog Roast Formby When the day of Erin’s birthday party arrived, Hog Roast Formby travelled to the aquarium, where we were allowed to set up our equipment in a designated function hall. Once the machines were up and running and the tables had been set, Sophie and Jordan began grilling the meat options and veggie skewers on the HogMaster before rustling up a batch of mixed sweet potato and regular fries, coleslaw, mac and cheese and Greek salad.

Before too long, the children rushed into the dining hall, exuberant from seeing all of the exotic fish and sharks and excited to tuck into the mouth-watering lunch that Hog Roast Formby had prepared for them! Just as Sophie and Jordan had promised, the kids loved everything on the menu – particularly the juicy beef burgers with melting cheese and ketchup-smothered hot dogs, which were chased down with a slice of birthday cake with fresh fruit and ice cream.