Hog Roast Chorley Impressed At A Charity Football Game!

Hog Roast ChorleyWhen it comes to organising a successful event, finding the right caterer is key. So, for Rodger, who was planning a charity football tournament right here in the North West, stumbling across Hog Roast Chorley proved to be a stroke of luck.

After skimming through our glowing reviews from previous satisfied customers, he knew he had found the perfect match (pardon the pun!) for his catering needs.

With the tournament gaining momentum within the local community, Rodger approached us to inquire about our catering options and pricing. As the event was in aid of charity, he explained that keeping costs low was a priority. Thankfully, our catering manager suggested our Classic Hog Roast Menu, which fit perfectly within Rodger’s budget.

The time between placing the booking and the day of the event flew in, and before we knew it, Hog Roast Chorley found ourselves setting up our catering gazebo on the sidelines of a local football pitch and preparing for the influx of hungry attendees.

With a large hog slow-roasting to perfection, accompanied by homemade sage and onion stuffing and our iconic applesauce, anticipation mounted for a tasty feast.

Hog Roast ChorleyIn addition to our iconic hog roast, we ensured there was something for everyone by preparing BBQ-pulled jackfruit—a faux meat alternative consisting of smokey hickory-steeped jackfruit served on soft rolls with crunchy plant-based coleslaw.

As Hog Roast Chorley  finished off the food prep, the footballers took to the field. But this wasn’t just any football game! The sportsmen were each dressed in inflatable costumes, including pigs, cows, chickens, sharks and more. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and laughter as the game kicked off.

The match itself was a spectacle to behold, with players hilariously navigating the field in their unconventional attire. Half-time arrived, and Hog Roast Chorley stepped up to the plate, serving up our crowd-pleasing hog roast to eager crowds and footballers alike.

Rodger was overjoyed with how the event unfolded, praising Hog Roast Chorley’s prompt service and high-quality fare. And the success of the tournament didn’t end there—thanks to the generosity of attendees, over £1,000 was raised for a children’s charity, making it a win-win for everyone involved.