Private Parties

If you are planning a large party or family get together it can be quite difficult when trying to arrange. You would have to provide food for a lot of people and try to serve something that everybody likes. I’ve struggled myself when I’ve had to host a summer party or a meal after a special event. Restaurants can be expensive, even if you try to select from their group dinner menu. A home party is more affordable, but you spend most of your time cooking all the food and never get a chance to visit with your relatives.



The hog roasting company can set up the equipment almost anywhere and we have years of experience working in all kinds of locations. Hosting a hog roast is a fun and easy way to get a large extended family together for a celebration. As hog roasts can be very portable, you can choose any venue for the party. This can include a local pub or tavern, a hotel or banquet hall, or even your own backyard.

Hog roasts are also very versatile. In addition to pork they can roast all kinds of meats and many even have equipment to roast poultry and fish. This helps you plan a menu that has something delicious for everyone. You can choose how much of the menu that you would like us to cater. You can use the hog roasting company to just cook the main entrée and then handle the rest yourself. The most popular option is having us cater the complete meal. This is the best option for parties where you are wanting to spend time mingling with the guests and not in the kitchen. We can set up a complete buffet including the roasted meats, side courses, and desserts.

When you have to plan the next party the Spitting Pig is the number one choice for caterers.

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