Hog Roast Barnoldswick Celebrated Christmas Jumper Day With Rolls Royce

The 10th of December, a.k.a. Christmas Jumper Day saw Hog Roast Barnoldswick stay close to home for a change as we had been hired to cater for Rolls Royce Plc’s annual Christmas lunch. As our head office is very close to the company’s base on Skipton Road, our staff at head office offered to lend a hand with this event, which, with 400 people to feed, was just as well!

With all those guests to please, our catering crew certainly had their hands full that day; but they took it all in their stride and the event organiser, Sara, was so pleased with the outcome. Everyone who attended had a whale of a time, and the food we served was so tasty that it virtually flew off the tables!

Hog Roast Barnoldswick At the client’s request, Hog Roast Barnoldswick had gone the whole nine yards with the menu by serving a luscious feast of juicy turkey meat with cranberry sauce and succulent slow-roasted pork with golden crackling and applesauce. There were equal portions of each of the meat options available for the guests to try, and both were presented with our irresistible savoury sage and onion stuffing and gluten-free rolls, which allowed the guests to compose their own unique flavour combinations. Meanwhile, the vegetarian and vegan guests were given our pulled jackfruit option, which is steeped in a smoky hickory sauce and dressed with a gourmet vegan coleslaw for an authentic BBQ flavour.

In the true spirit of the day, every staff member who attended had donned their favourite Christmas jumper for the occasion, and as the festive tunes blared cheerily in the background, Hog Roast Barnoldswick worked tirelessly to dish up the steaming hot food onto disposable plates. Rolls Royce had also supplied some canned fizzy drinks and mince pies, so the staff had plenty of lovely treats to indulge in as the event progressed.

We’re so pleased to have had the opportunity to assist Sara and the Rolls Royce team with their festive celebration, and we’ve since heard that the staff can’t stop talking about what a great time they had!