Enjoy A Hog Roast In The October Half Term With Hog Roast Langho Catered Events

hog roast LanghoWith it being the October half term break you might be sat at home looking after the kids this week. Chances are it’s going to continue to be cold and wet outside too meaning the kids are also going to be stuck inside most of the day, and that means they’ll need a bit of entertainment to keep them tided over.

Might we at Hog Roast Langho, then, suggest a little catered pick me up to give both you and the kids the break you deserve this autumn half term. With our event catering you could turn those autumn blues around by calling in fellow parents, friends, and family members and enjoying a celebration with the best catered roasts around from yours truly. Our banquet of delicious roasts will have the kids in satisfied silenced as they chomp away on our fresh foods – enjoy that golden silence for all it is worth!

Hog Roast LanghoCatering doesn’t just have to be reserved for high-end occasions such as weddings or corporate events. Hog Roast Langho is always more than happy to cater private events amongst friends with a more laid-back feel. A child’s birthday party, for example, can be more than suited to our catering styles. And though you may be thinking that a whole hog roast menu doesn’t exactly sound appealing for the kids, amongst our regular menus we are always able to offer kids menus with some smaller, more simple options, giving you the choice of both for your event. Swap out your buttered herb potatoes for a kids portion of fries, or our pulled pork for a more simple roll and sausage – it’s easy to chop and change your menu however you need to for the kids.

Hog Roast Langho also ensures the utmost safety when it comes to making our roasts. Though we like to have our hog roast on display while it cooks, the design of our machines should make it that small kids can’t accidentally hurt themselves on it. Your October half term won’t have to be stressful, because Hog Roast Langho are here to make it as easy as possible with delicious and safe dining!