Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Dinner? American Roasts Are Available All Year Round At Hog Roast Ribchester!

Hog Roast RibchesterThe end of November sees a brilliant tradition in Thanksgiving take place. This is a time where friends and family come together simply to enjoy each other’s company and dine on some excellent roast foods – a holiday that sounds just about perfect to us here at Hog Roast Ribchester!

Though of course an American tradition, it was our pleasure at Hog Roast Ribchester to be invited out to a couple of Thanksgiving events to offer out our own roast speciality for those celebrating out in the UK last week. You might even say we were thankful for the opportunity! Having met with a  lot of Americans staying here in the UK while doing this, and having whetted our own appetite for some of the classic roast foods of the States, we thought our customers might like to know that Hog Roast Ribchester can actually provide the tastes of our Western cousins to events at any time in the year, not just Thanksgiving!

Hog Roast RibchesterYes, all year-round Hog Roast Ribchester has a menu available with our take on the tastes of the American South. We are of course known for our hog roast and our traditional British roasts, but our Southern Slow Roast menu offers a slight alternative as the Americans tend to prefer a bit more smokiness and spice in their slow roasts. While here in the UK we like our roasts to fairly heavy and comforting to keep us all warm, the warmer American states go more for an outdoor cook-out vibe, not too unlike a barbecue though only with foods that cook for much longer than a sausage or a burger. We’re talking well aged briskets, pork butts, ribs, whole roasted chicken and the like; foods that are well roasted and perfect for enjoying outside.

Unlike our own British roast, the American slow roast is all about the spice rubs to get the flavour out of the meat. Our own Hog Roast Ribchester Southern Slow Roast comes with plenty of smoky and spicy flavours and sauces to replicate the tastes of Americana. It is a menu that may not be quite what you are looking for just now with the British winter, but come Spring and Summer we reckon it is a winner for any of your events!