Hog Roast Carnforth’s Fantastic Southern Slow Roast Menu

Hog Roast Carnforth recently catered our long-time customer Julia’s party, which she had organised to celebrate her 60th birthday with friends and family. Having enjoyed our hog and spit roasts over many years now, Julia always knows who to ask to cater her parties and events, as we always provide excellent service as well as really tasty food and at a great price too. 

Hog Roast Carnforth

While she normally asks us to cook a centrepiece hog roast, albeit sometimes a spit-roasted bird or animal instead, for this party Julia wanted to try something altogether different – our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu. With your choice of three meats already marinated in our secret recipe rubs and then cooked slow and low on the day, as well as your choice of four sides as well, this menu has something for everyone, including a vegetarian option if required. For the main, you can choose three from barbecued pork, beef brisket, Cajun chicken, Louisiana sticky pork ribs and Creole lamb, and for the sides, you choose four from a Greek salad, baked potatoes, spicy sweet potato wedges, corn cobettes, a seasonal green leaf salad, mac and cheese, and our homemade coleslaw. 

Julia asked Hog Roast Carnforth to cook our chicken, sticky pork ribs and lamb, to be accompanied by three delicious sauces (in addition to the usual condiments that we also bring along) and the sides of coleslaw, mac and cheese, corn cobettes and a Greek salad, and she also asked us to provide the veggie option of grilled halloumi skewers. We often cater for special diets, and vegetarians tend to love this dish, as they have creamy halloumi chunks, courgette, mushrooms, peppers, red onion and tomatoes, and are served in pitta bread with a lovely Tzatziki dip.  

On the day of Julia’s milestone birthday, we served up a great feast for her and her guests at a posh local hotel. There was so much food and so much variety to go around that everyone was happy and everyone’s hunger was satisfied. We were asked for the recipes to our secret rubs many times but for now, they are staying a Hog Roast Carnforth secret!