February blog

As you’ve probably just read in our latest news, its all go in the office and on the catering side of things with bookings flying in and catering flying out, and with us taking delivery of our new equipment and vehicles to cope with our ever growing demand, but on a more personal note, I’m getting Married!!, I finally took the plunge and asked my now fiancé Maira to marry me, and of course she said yes!, so we’re busy ourselves trying to find caterers, for those of you that are screaming at this “if your a caterer why don’t you do the catering yourself!!” we have decided to get married in Mexico, and it’s a long way to take a hog roast machine, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let me check a hog roast machine on the plane as hand luggage! Haha.

It feels a bit strange being on the other side of things for the first time, for the last ten years or more I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, as the caterer of course, and now it is my turn. Things over there are very different from here, but thankfully my fiancé is Spanish so can speak (and haggle) with the local caterers.

We have chosen the date of the 1st of October this year, so it’s after the main wedding season over here, to make sure we can cater and help make as many people as possible have the special day they need on their wedding day.

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