Community fairs are some of the best events that our hog roasting company caters. The streets of the town are all decked out for the festivities and people are out having a good time. Towns have fairs for all kinds of reasons. They hold them to celebrate a special event or commemorate a significant day. And no community fair would be complete without delicious food. Our hog roasts make a great tasting addition to any community fair.

Most community fairs are held in the summer when the weather is warmer and people want to be outdoors. We have set up our hog roast machines in community parks and served plenty of pork sandwiches. Fairgoers, especially children, got a big kick out of watching our roasting machine turn around and around while the meat cooks to delicious perfection. And everyone enjoys the mouth-watering aromas wafting through the air.

In some cases, we are hired by the fair’s organizers to provide the hog roast. They may have a variety of food venders set up food booths and sell food. Our hog roasts not only deliver great tasting fair food, but it is a great selling point and can draw people to the community event from all over.

In other cases we are hired by a service organization as a fundraising opportunity. A community fair is a great place for a Rotary Club or Kiwanis group to raise money for their favourite charitable causes. We help out by setting up a hog roast machine and creating roasted foods for them to sell. They can choose almost anything they want, and we can limit the menu to one item or have a variety of food choices.

Some communities also have fairs in cooler weather, such as an Oktoberfest in the fall. A hog roast would be the perfect idea for this kind of event. The scent of the roasts can be especially enticing in the cool autumn air.
Whether you need to hire a hog roast machine for a community fair or you’re a service group looking for a fundraising opportunity, our company can help you put together a hog roast for the event that will be the talk of the town.

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