Hog Roast Waddington

Why Waddington in Lancashire? Well not only is this a very delightful place to live but it is also the home to an annual scarecrow festival in May. Yes, there is indeed such a thing. I am sure that there is a lot more involved than just scarecrows but it sounds like a lot of fun. It also sounds like the sort of festival where some tasty snacks would come in very handy, which makes me think that hog roast could possibly make an appearance at the festival. Now that would be something, great food at a great Lancashire festival. What could be better, hog roast really is perfect for such occasions and is quite the very best catering option for festivals and outdoor events. If you have never tried hog or not been invited to an event where it is being served then trust me, you are really missing out because it is a supremely brilliant meat that is addictive in its incredible flavour. Even a scarecrow would probably enjoy a little bit of hog roast.

North West - set up3The Waddington festival is the sort of event where you would not be surprised to see a hog roast hire caterer serving up some of this delicious meat to festival goers. What you may not know about this veritable pig feast is that it is really perfect for feeding large numbers of people, yet is surprisingly affordable. Take an average sized pig – which is still a pretty big size, I will tell you – and you will be looking at easily feeding over one hundred people with delicious hog roast rolls (or ‘pig in a bun’ as we call them). Hog roast rolls are pure food heaven by the way and something that any Waddington resident or visitor will adore. Delicious meat with apple sauce, stuffing and crackling is a pig perfect handy meal that is so incredibly tasty, it’s almost absurd.

Of course, I would be doing the hog roast hire caterer a complete disservice by not detailing some of the very hard work that they put in to producing this wonderful food. It may all sound rather easy this pig roasting lark but I assure you, there is a lot more going on than you think! Great flavour is not just a happy accident or bit of luck; it requires skill and quality ingredients. In fact hog roast has to be one of the best quality catering options that you will ever come across anywhere, with the same dedication to the cooking as you would probably find in a top restaurant.

Hog Roast Waddington – Leaders In Our Field

You may wonder about the origin of the meat in a hog roast, and you will be pleased to learn that every pig used is not only a well reared animal but one that is local, too. Lancashire is not short of livestock so quality pigs are in good supply, though it is almost certain that the caterer will have a regular favoured supplier that they can rely on for consistently great meat. But there is also something else that the caterer looks for on the pig and that is a perfect amount of fat. Now to some people they may think that fat is bad 111news on a pig, but it’s absolutely not. A good level of fat is going to play an important part in making this hog roast tip top. You see roasting a pig is not something that can be rushed at all, in fact the slower, the better. How does six hours sound? That is the regulation amount for a regular sized pig and that’s why the fat is so crucial as it will stop the meat from drying out during that long cooking time.

The result for Scarecrow lovers and adorers of great food? A dream of a roast and flavours that really are quite remarkable. So next time you are at a festival, or indeed any event where hog is being served up, remember what goes in to making it scarily delicious!