Hog Roast Padiham

The small town of Padiham in Lancashire is home to nearly nine thousand people. This small town was a major player in cotton weaving and coal mining industries in its heyday, but those days are long gone. Like so many other Lancashire towns with a rich history, the people here have developed a taste for hog roast. Where it was once weaving and mining Padiham, maybe it should now be known as hog roast Padiham. Perhaps the good people of Padiham know a thing or two about good food because a hog roast really is a fine meal in itself. It certainly would have made a welcome meal for Padiham miners back when mining was one of Padiham’s main industries.

Fine meal? Hog roast? Yes, why not. Forget the traditional options when it comes to big Salads4event catering, for they have been done to death. The people of Padiham know that a hog roast represents a new exciting option that harks back to the days when a hog roast was a royal feast and enjoyed by some of the country and county’s most important people. In fact, I dare say that Hog roast would have been served many times at Huntroyde Hall, Simonstone Hall, Shuttleworth Hall, Read Hall and Gawthorpe Hall, all of which are significant locations in Padiham. So many splendid locations to serve hog roast would have made the name hog roast Padiham perfectly plausible. If nothing else, this loyalty to hog roast from some of the most influential people in Padiham just goes to show that hog roast is a meal fit for the very best, and any snobbery towards the meal is misplaced.

Hog Roast Padiham – Leaders In Our Field

Hog roast is not a fast food, indeed it is one of most labour intensive meals you are likely to enjoy in Padiham. Book a hog roast caterer for your Padiham event and you are going to get your money’s worth. Did you know that a hog roast takes around six hours in total to cook and that the typical sized pig will serve about one hundred hungry Padiham folk? Six hours and one hundred servings is some going and it just makes you sit back and think about how grand those hog roast meals must have been in those fancy halls in Padiham.

Surrey - breadOf course, hog roast is not simply for the rich and famous. Hog roast is one of the most economical options when it comes to catering for guests at your event in Padiham. It’s also one of the most versatile meals too, meaning a hog roast Padiham special event can be formal or relaxed, serious or laid back. Some succulent, flavoursome hog roast pork is as tasty served on lovely hot sandwich as it as the main meat on a formal banquet dinner for Padiham’s business elite. Hog roast is a wonderful choice for an action packed wedding where the bride and groom want to take a different approach to the boring old chicken or beef dinners and it works a treat as party food at barbeques, sports dinners and birthdays.

Whether it’s a party or palm pressing business event in Padiham, hog roast will make it truly special.