Hog Roast Darwen

Hog Roast DarwenFor the very best in catered dining try a meal with a difference at your events this year with Hog Roast Darwen. Our incredible speciality hog roast is a delicious necessity fit to serve any occasion. Delivering high quality in high volume, the classic hog roast of our name sets up every event for guaranteed success as its delicious meaty textures will have every guest lusting after more, looking for another drink, and soon up on their feet enjoy the dancing, singing, and whatever other merriment is on offer at your event! Whether you’re planning an upcoming wedding, birthday, anniversary dinner, corporate function, or more, then Hog Roast Darwen is the place to turn to today!

When the steelworks came to Darwen in the 1800s they used to say that you could see the glow for miles around. At Hog Roast Darwen our own industrial machinery might not quite be as imposing and large as those chimneys and iron mills, but the contents of our mobile hog roasting unit certainly does leave a special glow that could attract numbers from miles around.

A couple of hours on one of our Hog Master Pro’s or Titan machines and your event will be treated to the most incredible look and brilliant tasting golden roast in all of event catering. The spit roasting process ensures a beautiful crisp texturing across the whole pork skin, locking in flavour and adding a satisfying crunch to the beautifully tender and flavoursome meat inside. You won’t find a dry bite anywhere near our menu!

Excellent Event Catering In Darwen

Hog Roast DarwenWith Hog Roast Darwen there is plenty to keep your guests fed and smiling. We bring top range buffet and menu options to fit any event requirement, so though we will always recommend our speciality hog roast you can also pick from our many other meat, vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free options to ensure that every one of your guests is well cared for. The Hog Roast Darwen guarantee states that no one will ever leave one of our events without a glowing smile and a satisfied stomach!

Event dining can be a vital part of your event so you want it done right. By calling Hog Roast Darwen today you can guarantee a successful event now!