Hog Roast Coppull

When you have lived in Lancashire all your life, you get to know lots of things about the history of the county and how certain towns came to be established. I never knew until recently that the name of Coppull came from the old English for hill top and hill…but I know now. I also know that this is a town that did very well during the industrial revolution, like many a town in these parts. It’s a pity that the revolution is not still going on, but what can you do.

hog roast coppullOne legacy of these times is the appetite that a bit of hard work generates, and of course many people outside of this area may assume that we all tuck in to Lancashire hot pot every night! It’s a nice thought but a little dated. One thing that is catching on in Coppull and these parts in general however is hog roast, and it promises to become even more popular if the rest of the United Kingdom is anything to go.

Hog roast really is taking off big time and is proving to be a big hit with people looking for a great catering solution for special events and functions of all kinds. Pig roast is a big catering solution that really hits the spot when it comes to feeding large numbers of people with great tasting yet value for money meat, and in these tough economic times when people are struggling to make ends meet, that’s a great combination.

On a typical weekend in Coppull you will probably find a wide variety of events and functions going on and it is a fair bet that many of these will not be lucky enough to be graced by a hog roast hire catering solution. That is a great shame because it could mean that the guests at these events are being subjected to food that is anything but very special and is in fact more likely to be very bland and boring. They should have gone the hog roast hire route because that is a guaranteed winner for any Coppull event, mark my words!

Hog Roast Coppull – Leaders In Our Field

So why is pig roasting suddenly the toast of catering? Well, it has hardly been a sudden development as spit roasted pig has been around since medieval times but in all fairness, it has been the last ten or so years that have seen the rise and rise of the roasted pig! . People really have started to care about having quality meat and appreciate simplicity of cooking, which is all music to the ears of the pig roast caterer!

A typical pig roast really is an example of great, simple cooking at its best and will certainly appeal to many of the seven and a half thousand people in the village of Coppull. You can almost smell the incredible aromas when you think about the whole pig slowly roasting away in the smart and effective hog machine. Did you know that it takes around six hours to cook a typically proportioned pig? It’s a long time but it makes for an incredible tasting meat and one that your guests will never forget. AS for the meat itself, that is always a carefully selected whole pig from a local farm supplier, so you can be certain that you are getting a great quality piece of meat. And did you know that even the fat plays an important part? It ensures that the meat does not dry out during the slow roasting process plus it enhances the flavour even more. All in all this is a powerhouse of a meal and one that will make any Coppull event a guaranteed triumph. Pig in a bun rolls at birthday parties always go down a storm as they do at Christenings and family get togethers, but if you want something a little more formal for a work event or wedding breakfast, gourmet hog is just the ticket to add a touch of sheer hog class!

Next time you are planning a Coppull event, make sure that you give the spitting pig serious consideration. Remember that you can’t really have a special occasion without special food and this is certainly a special food indeed. Forget the sandwiches and make it a roasted pig catering event instead.